NEW for 2020: Freeze & Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat.
No Surgery and No Downtime

Revolutionary CryoNip is the only fat reducing machine on the market that treats 2- 4 areas simultaneously!

Cryolipolysis Technology (known to many as CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical treatment to freeze and destroy body fat deposits.

CryoNIP targets: Tummy/Abdomen, Love Handles, Double Chin/Neck, Back Bra Area, Upper Arms, Inner and Outer Thighs, Under Buttocks and other body areas.

CryoNip unique advantages:

  • 2 or more handles used at the same time! That allows for significant time and financial saving for our clients!
  • Strongest machine on the market – freezes skin up to -11° Celsius
  • Custom settings based on clients actual fat measurements prior to each treatment
  • CryoNIP smartly preheats skin prior to Cooling for better results
  • 56 x 65mm large handle size for any area of your choice
  • 30-40 min duration, No Downtime, Safe, Painless, Incredibly Effective!
  • Long Lasting, Natural Looking Results in only 30 – 90 days

Come in for complimentary consultation and see what CryoNIP can do for You!

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